Any Question?
Where can I ask question about Wideland? Here you can find a small set of frequently asked questions.
Is Wideland a democracy?

Technically speaking, Wideland is an anarchy, as negative the term may sound. We can call it “Anarchy with socialy accepted laws” and at the same time “Democracy without a government”. Wideland is a community, an autonomous and self-governing colony.

Probably the perfect term doesn’t exist. Maybe simply “Wideland.”

Is it secure?

I would say, possibly the most secure state ever created. And the only one that can really be defined as secure.

The best thing of Wideland is that, if something isn’t working, Citizens and Teams can change it in a few months, in a few days if necessary. His technology would be always updated, not because I’m saying it, but because you would say it. It’s in your interest, not mine.

And for authoritarian that want to take control over the all system, they simply cannot decide without a popular vote, and even if it will happened the software isn’t able to deal with a single decision taken by one person or a small group of people. It’s simply not designed this way. It can’t happen.

How to enter?

To be part of Wideland is a quite complicated process depending on which origin country we are talking about. There is not a standard way to enter as well as not so many.

Cities have to declare themselves independent from the main state and install one or multiple servers to start the conversion process. Once identities and real-estate limits are registered on the city servers and the Wideland Software in up and running, the city is definitely autonomous and officially part of the Wideland Network.

Why should a city enter?
The main reason why cities or entire countries should start using a decentralized system like Wideland, is essentially efficiency and cost-savings. Not only is the the most respectful and rational system on the planet right know, but it’s also the most advance one. It’s purposely designed to eliminate waste and reduce the time administrative tasks require.
Why I should be a Wideland citizen?
The real question is, Why are you (your current nation) citizen? Should you remain only a citizen? Can’t you be something more than that?
Are there any borders?


A city is the biggest subdivision Wideland can have. It doesn’t mean we can’t draw lines that divide world regions, call Alaska “Alaska”, or call islands with their names; it means that a legal territory separation doesn’t exist anymore.

Wideland. Let me say it again, Wide-land. A unique cluster of cities, the most vast territory we can imagine. From New York to Rome, from Earth to Mars, and only science knows how still far away.

Is Wideland a revolution?
I hope so. I really hope so.