A state that can make everybody agree. Something that you would call Utopia. But it’ll be the real Future.

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Wideland is the first-ever open-source state fully built on the internet. Wideland is a self-governing, self-determining, transparent and fully decentralized country based on real-time feedbacks that can—virtually—only improve over time. It’s a free and open community, and possibly the most advance social structure ever created that works without a central government. Also, the first-ever state free from unnecessary secrets, self-interest and legal corruption—because simply of the way it is designed.

Wideland combines decentralized databases, public and private tokens, smart contracts and encrypted communications all-in-one system. It covers real-estate keeptraking system, identity management and law-making process without ever mentioning the word “authotity”. It’s designed to be even more efficent and effective than modern democracies. Wideland will probably be the future of human beings.

Key elements.

Work in Progress…