How to Get Rid of Every Restriction in 1 Day

by | Feb 9, 2018

If you haven’t heard about Wideland yet, you must know what I’m talking about. Wideland is the first-ever open-source state—a self-governing and technologically advanced state where everybody can actively contribute via the internet. Technically speaking, Wideland is a modern type of Anarchy, as negative the term may seem. But let’s go deeper into it.

The art of changing the world.

The question is, how can Wideland help you get rid of every restriction you have. Well, Wideland let you write your own rules. So you can change your environment as you want. Literally, you can write new rules or rewrite the current ones as many times as you want and the way you like the most.

Wait, I forgot to mention one important aspect: you’re not the only one. You can write bills and rise as much vote as you want, however you are still one mind in billions ones and you can’t decide everything on your own. Nevertheless, if you’re able to convince more than half of the people, you’ve done it, you have changed the world.

I’m waisting my time here.

You said in 1 day. I can’t write laws in 1 day. I can’t convince the world in 1 day. I’m wasting my time here.

No, I know. But, can you make it happen in less than 50 years, today? 10 years? 5? 3?
Months. Months is what Wideland offers you. One day is the time needed to raise at least 80% of the world approval. One is day needed to change the world, but patience and perseverance are the keys to make it happen.

In conclusion.

I know that that’s the dumbest idea you’ve ever heard of, but I really belive popular proposal is the best method of governament we have. I always hear people complaining about their situation or criticising their country—here in Italy everybody does because of the crisis and a really bad govern. But I also hear people came up with creative ideas that could potentially make to world a better place, with some refinement, but remains offline, as jokes or thoughts. The world has lots of great mind, why don’t use all of them?

More technical information about Wideland on the full documentation at

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