Why Mars is a Good Place to Start from Scratch

by | Jan 30, 2018

If you haven’t read about Wideland I really suggest you to go to the homepage of this website if you want to learn more. However, here’s a small recap you can check: Wideland is a state based on a direct voting system purposely designed to fully embrace popular opinions and contrast elites. Due to the fact that it hasn’t a central government and even parties, this system have the potential to be the most citizen-friendly ever implemented.

Simply, why not.

Long story short: it’s free, it’s good and it’s the Future. On other pages we discuss the reasons Why I believe in an open country, and How I think it should be. So, now the question isn’t Why anymore—it’s When. I’m talking about real world goals (literally “real world”).

Sincerely speaking, Wideland needs time to become useful and it’s very difficult that today authorities will lose their supremacy for it (for you). That’s why I think we can try it in an empty space. You’re probably asking, what do you mean by that? If there is no people, there is no country. Yes, you’re right, in fact there’s no country. If you’ve read my pages carefully, you’ve probably understood what I’m talking about.

“You want to be inspired by things. You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is going to be great. And that’s what being a spacefaring civilization is all about.”

I was excited to see SpaceX CEO and Lead Designer Elon Musk updating us on his plan to colonize Mars by 2024. So much that I didn’t see the defects of his presentation. Days later I realized that, even if Elon believes it is possible, there’s a lot more than a few rockets to figure out before moving to Mars. Also, that let me think about a small detail that was missed. Who will lead Mars? Whoever comes first?
I think it’s the right time to start from scratch—to try at least something else. We need a new way to organize states and our popular supremacy. Whether it will be thanks to Wideland or other open-source states. Now it’s the right time to definitely change the Universe, forever.

More in depth.

I know that it may sound irrational to you but it really isn’t. Instead, I think it’s the best part of Wideland. It has lots of problems and deficiencies at the moment, but not this one.

I feel I’m part of the visionary side of the Earth. I’m definitely somebody that believes in impossible ideas, mainly about the Future. Oh, and, a little side note: I always refer to Future, Nature, Science, Universe and a few more science-related thing just like Christians refer to their god. Not because I believe they’re persons, but simply because I think they’re something bigger than us.

Back to the main point. Why Mars. Earth is such a contaminated place and it has already its boundaries, so would be difficult to start from scratch. On the other hand, Mars hasn’t martians that have already taken territories and isn’t so impossible to reach. It’s January 2018 and the best case scenario for SpaceX is a successful humans landing by 2026. It also possible that Elon is trolling everybody and it would never happen. However, I hope that the first big group of non-workers will visit Mars by the end of the 30s, but we can’t say now if they will stay there. Everything will be under construction, so isn’t unlikely that nobody would remain on Mars. That said, I think that the first real mass moving will start by 2050. We have many years to set things up. Maybe some other emerging country will implement Wideland before humans reach Mars, but the red planet still remains my main goal.

I want to convince every person in the world that we can do it—that humans can live without supervisors and authorities, that every single one of us have something to say.
We have a long way to go. First of all, education. That’s also why I think Mars is a good idea, because who will live there first, would be more likely to have a degree, a good work, or simply lots of time and money. The rest will come as Wideland goes on.

Other states will start to envy Wideland, I know. It’s clearly something that people needs and they can’t give them. Wideland is not only better but also a dream that everyone wants to achieve. I want to believe that some day it will be the only state needed, and we would simply call it, Home.

More technical information about Wideland on the full documentation at wideland.org/documentation

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